Lactide Building Blocks

Lactide is a flexible chemistry that can be tailored to help innovators within the coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers toner, and surfactant industries realize significant performance benefits, move through the R&D process efficiently with minimal risk, and decrease systems costs.

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Collaborate to Customize

Our seasoned team partners with you to implement a plan that decreases product development cycles, quickly delivering enhanced iterations of Vercet lactide-based products. Designed for speed and flexibility, this approach mitigates scale-up risks and accelerates time to commercialization.

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Benign by Design

Renewably-sourced Vercet lactide-based products bring sensible, elegant solutions based squarely on the principles of green chemistry to supply chains that, until now, were coupled with traditional fossil-petroleum solutions, their inherent price volatility and constrained availability.

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